Dear Klaytn Horizon Developers
Klaytn is pleased to announce that we streamlined the process of getting KLAY to developyour projects on the mainnet, Cypress.
Klaytn team will provide a pair of fee delegation account address and its private key, which is used to pay a transaction fee instead of transaction sender. We will send the information via e-mail once you complete filling out project submission form on our official website.
E-mail regarding fee account address and private key will be sent to participants every Monday and Wednesday (12 pm KST) until Oct. 31st
Team Klaytn Horizon
MAY 13, 2019
OCTOBER 31, 2019
CREATE BAPP(Blockchain Application) ON KLAYTN.
Klaytn Horizon invites developers from all around the world to build various BApps on Klaytn in a combined effort to bring blockchain mass adoption to fruition. Feel free to build a BApp to serve an industry of your choice, ranging from contents to entertainment, healthcare, finance, commerce, payment, lifestyle, and technology, just to name a few. There is no limit to what you can innovate, there is no limit to what you can build.
Klaytn Horizon Telegram Group -
With a prize pool of $1 million,
Top 15 teams from various categories will have chances to win.
*Prizes will be awarded in KLAY (fiat amount in USD)
5 teams
5 teams
5 teams
Yongho Choi
Head of Business Development
Vachara Aemavat
SIX Network
Graham de Barra
Maarten Bloemers
GET Protocol
Sebastien Borget
The Sandbox
Sukjae Chang
Ethan Kim
Shane Kim
Wemade Tree
Arnav Kishore
Louis Liu
Hawk Network
Mitch Liu
Narek Sirakanyan
Zan Wu
Fauve Altman
State of the DApps
Director of Community Manager
Kyle Lu
Founder and CEO
Aleksander Larsen
Axie Infinity
COO and Co-Founder
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May 13th
Project Starts
August 1st
Project Submission Begins
AMA Session 
October 31st
Project Submission 
Ends & Review Begins
November 20th
Announce Winners
2020 Q1
Prize Giveaway
AMA (Ask Me Anything) session dates are subject to change.
Please refer to Klaytn’s social medias for more information.
Project submission starts from August 1st, 2019.
Final Submission ends on October 31st, 2019.
Developers may participate individually / within a team.
There is no limit on the numbers of teammates.
Your projects must be developed on Klaytn mainnet, Cypress, for submission yet you may test your projects on the Klaytn testnet, Baobab, prior to final submission. For more information, please refer to Klaytn Docs.
Your project submissions must be in English.
Use the submission form that is provided by Klaytn.
Prizes are team-based. A team may submit multiple projects but only one project that 
receives the highest score will be awarded.
BApps participating Klaytn Horizon are required to operate services for a proven time period (from winner announcement to prize giveaway) and must meet our qualifications to be awarded.
Evaluation Criteria:
- Judges’ Overall Review – 30%
- Number of Active Users – 20%
- Number of Daily Transactions – 20%
- Creativity – 10%
- Product Operation – 10%
- Virality (number of likes on social media feed) – 10%
What is Klaytn?
Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric blockchain platform with the mission to bring user-friendly blockchain experience to the masses. Klaytn strives to become a blockchain platform that not only empowers global businesses and users to easily access and utilize blockchain technology, but also enables massive-scale applications and services to benefit from a higher degree of the platform's transparency, security, and trust. In order to lower the existing hurdles of the nascent technology and to accelerate the global market's embracement of blockchain, Klaytn achieves a number of challenges including making the developer experience (DX) intuitive and productive for developer communities by providing useful features and toolsets; offering a seamless user experience (UX) indistinguishable from legacy apps and services by effectively providing the means to remove friction as well as complexities throughout the users' journey; building a blockchain platform committed to service and performance without compromising high-degree of transparency and security; and thereby effectively resolving the chasm existing in this current blockchain scene to bring true global blockchain mass adoption.
What is BApp?
BApp (Blockchain Application) embodies Klaytn's philosophy and approach towards driving blockchain mass adoption. While "decentralization" is a respectable concept, we argue that it is rather a means, not an end for blockchain technology. We are thus committed to the belief that "decentralize everything" may not be the right approach towards bringing true enterprise-driven use cases to the current blockchain market. Therefore, we decided to adopt the word "BApp". We believe that a blockchain service need not be wholly or fully decentralized, as long as it uses characteristics of blockchain for significant purposes to improve its existing features.
What is Klaytn Horizon?
Klaytn Horizon invites developers from all around the world to build various BApps on Klaytn in a combined effort to bring blockchain mass adoption to fruition. Feel free to build a BApp to serve an industry of your choice, ranging from contents to entertainment, healthcare, finance, commerce, payment, lifestyle, and technology, etc. There is no limit to what you can build. There is no limit to what you can innovate!
What makes Klaytn Horizon special and different from other competitions?
Klaytn Horizon is the first of its kind to engage with developers from all over the world to build real-life applications on blockchain. The focus of Klaytn Horizon will far transcend simply building a BApp on Klaytn. Backed by Kakao Corporation, a mobile messenger and lifestyle application company owning 97% of South Korea's mobile messenger market, Klaytn aims at leveraging the significant traffic of Kakao’s existing 50 million active users for BApps built and operated on Klaytn. Moreover, Klaytn intends to succeed Kakao Corporation's multiple years of service operating experience as the top mobile messenger ecosystem in the market to bring truly user-friendly and intuitive services for end users. We sincerely invite all like-minded projects to join us for Klaytn Horizon.
Where should I go for technical docs?
All necessary technical documents can be found at Klaytn Docs There will be an AMA session with Klaytn tech team during the competition period. Please stay tuned with our official twitter for the latest news.
How can I reach Klaytn during Klaytn Horizon if I have further questions?
We will be hosting two online AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions; stay tuned for the specific schedule and dates for the AMA via the Klaytn Horizon website. Please note that there may be more or less than two AMA sessions based on circumstances. Any changes or updates regarding the AMA sessions will be notified via the Klaytn Horizon website and Klaytn’s official social medias. For any inquiries, please contact
When can I receive the prize if my project is selected as an award-winning BApp?
There will be an intentional time difference between the announcement of award winning BApps and the provision of the corresponding prize. As a platform highly valuing real use cases and stable services, Klaytn decided to impose a time difference to ensure that BApps participating Klaytn Horizon responsibly operate services for a proven time period. The prize is expected to be delivered to all award-winning projects by Q1 of 2020.
Is it required to migrate my BApp onto Klaytn mainnet in order to participate in Klaytn Horizon?
Yes, please start building your project on the Baobab public testnet and make sure to migrate your BApp smart contracts onto the Klaytn mainnet once the mainnet is launched. We define "migration" as re-issuance of your project's existing smart contracts on Baobab onto the Klaytn mainnet. The launch of Klaytn Mainnet will be announced via Klaytn’s official website and social media channels.
Can I develop a BApp that does not use smart contracts?
Yes, your project does not necessarily have to use smart contracts to be qualified as a contestant for Klaytn Horizon. Simply using KLAY as a means of value transfer or payment alone qualifies projects as candidate BApps for Klaytn Horizon.
The video tutorials, ‘Building Blockchain Application on Klaytn’,
are now available on YouTube.
(English subtitled)
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